Built by me using Swift (Apple), previous version for testing was built using Android Studio.

This was a personal project where I wanted to put to test some of my new coding skills I had been self teaching. Prototyped in Android with C#, then rebuilt in Xcode with Swift, the app uses geo-location based push notifications to lead the user to discover new locations around a city they may have been visiting or a long time resident of. I went out and hid some ‘treasure’ (candy, toys) around San Francisco and released the app to an extended group of friends (30+ people) for them to follow the clues, learn new locations and get some ‘treasure’. I am also in the process of redesigning the app for the Apple Watch.

Edition: 1
Deployed on Android in November 2014 - Limited to friends and family (12 people)
Edition: 2
Deployed on iOS in May 2015 - Friends of friends (30 people)
Edition: 3

The goal was to re-ignite a spirit of discovery between a person and their environment as quite often people who live in one place for any significant amount of time begin to ‘tune out’ to it. The clues for the treasure often involved learning something about non-famous landmarks or neighbourhoods and with the geo-location base for the app, they were required to physically go out and into the place they were learning about.

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