“The more we can be outside ourselves the more we can learn how we see the world.”

MFA Thesis — Research

MFA Thesis - Research

My thesis work began by examining the modern hyperconnected lifestyle and how the it is increasingly plagued by things such as isolationism, insecurity and inattentiveness. I began to work with adults who are navigating this landscape whilst having been diagnosed with ADHD, a disorder than made dealing with this technological saturation increasingly difficult. 

This page features some of the research artefacts from my time spent in the field. I worked with support groups as well as with individuals over a period of 10 months to really learn and understand the daily rhythms and perspectives of people who have ADHD. Many I became close with and most weeks I would be visiting at least one with new models, mockups and prototypes for artefacts in response to our previous conversations.

Through this process I primarily developed three objects, which can be seen here.

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