Adaption App
Part of active research
2016 —

A research tool to examine driving styles and different feedback mechanisms at Stanford.

As a byproduct of a future with safe autonomous cars, the car will know how well you are driving. This represents an intriguing situation of being in control of a robot that may know how to control itself better (safer) than you. If the car is going to give the driver feedback, in what ways can it do this that don’t cause antagonmism between driver and car.

This software tool is an active research tool worked on to start to learn how people are driving, how different people drive and how can we communicate this kind of information smoothly.

What should the car do with this knowledge?

How should it display this information?

The final app is still being developed in my previous lab and I can further discuss details in person. The tool is being aimed to help a broad range of research in understanding contexts, moods and personalities of drivers and how that influences driving styles. From a design perspective it also represents an exploratory approach to how personalised instructional information can be displayed and understood by it’s recipients.

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